Saturday, 18 March 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Enduro Cabins

 Enduro Cabins ⟿
Time to dream big

Photo from the web but also our actual plan !!!

Latest news on our activities, is that apart from the purchase of new fleet , renovation of the HQ, trimming new trails and train like crazy in order to be able to guide the groups that start to show up here weekly, we also purchased a big piece of 💚 land 💛 in the woods, in one of our most beloved mountains of which the name is less significant right now, since its Greek, complicated and unknown.

NS Land
The trees you see in the photo above are Nut trees and we have approximately 30 in our land. On the right side there is water stream a couple of meters wide with some yearly nice flow of water that reduces the summer months and increases rapidly after fall. Water is freezing and pure, since I personally took samples to the chemist three times, three different seasons and the results came pure and safe, in one word "drinkable". 

Bikes among the Trees

The idea is to create an enduro shelter. A place that we will reach at the end of the first or second riding day. Reaching the area after a long days ride, the place has to be ideal for the rider to relax, has to offer warm water and a calm natural environment, cold beer and a steak, quite night sleep with the water of the stream to be the only sound that can annoy him.

A land full of water and ... nuts !!!
When you leave the hotel, you will have to pack a bag that our staff will bring it on the cabins so you find stuff you need for a night stay over on the mountain later. We are committed and devoted to make this an experience of a life time, having in mind that during your ride here, you need some calm nights on the mountains and some crazy city nights, you can have both.

Existing trails
We scouted years to locate the right land to do this. A place full of existing trails, great history and tradition as all Greece. The stone building you see in the middle of the picture was a Mill, milling flour that locals brought with the horses and the donkeys from the trail that you see on the left of the ruins. Imagine that in our area, there is a huge network of trails connecting villages and destinations that old people used to work and live. 

People usually ask me if enduro will be the only purpose of the cabins. My answer is no. We will make the cabins available to people that want to use them according to our rules to enjoy the land and nature. Enduro is our life and primary goal and purpose of the cabins though. 

Estimated completion of the project: October 2017 2019 If the authorities decide to look at our license application.

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