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Single riders event in 26 Sep 2018 to 30 Sep 2018

In 2018 we started to create the so called single booking events to start saying YES to all those lonely souls that contacted us, whirling to join our rides alone and we could not host them.

Riders usually ask why we don't take single bookings and the answer is that we can not take the responsibility to attach a rider in to a group that he doesn't know the rest of the guys.

I mean face it. Some groups are welcoming riders they don't know, but when the level is kind of different, the situation turns to OMG and 3 LOL as we use to say in Greece.

We have some rules in NS concerning riders safety :

1. We don't split groups

The Reason: if anything happens to the single guide, group is doomed, bikes are not secured, riders are in numerous dangers, risks level rises and we hate rise risk level

2. We don't put riders in danger

The reason: we love riders. Plus compensation would cost us our lives. That's why we always use two guides and a team that follows the group from the HQ so in case of a. Injury a car shows up out of nowhere and takes you to safety, (hospital, or private MD) b. breakage second guide is waiting for the bike to be replaced by our magic car OR takes the bike to safety and gets another one, so the group  riding pleasure is not spoiled. c. pirated attack, never happened but we are prepared :)

3.Riders satisfaction comes first this why we always invest in nice new bikes, good comfortable gear, appropriate support vehicles, trained staff, experienced colleagues and partners (that know what the hell they are doing) and we keep things organised and maintained 24/7.

Following our own rules made it difficult to accept a single rider to an already existing group. That individual would be in danger following more experienced riders, or bored following some lazy enduro enthusiasts that like to stop and smoke every 5 minutes, he would not be satisfied and would not get what we want him to receive as a customer satisfaction that is the primary goal of our work.

How does a "single riding event" solves these problems?
You sign up to a certain group and you know and agree that everybody is a stranger among the group, you accept the fact that you will be asked to lower or try to rise your level with that of the majority of the group, you accept the fact that you agreed to join an open group with all the limitations such an actions brings following the group rules established by us and designed to satisfy the majority. 

We strongly believe that if you don't have any riding buddies, this is the only way to join and enjoy our rides as an individual. 

How does it work ?

A. You book alone

Go online at and click on the single riding event banner on the right of the booking calendar.

Choose the number of riders that want to attend (1 to the rest of the available seats)

Type in contact data (Name, email, address and tel. no.)

Check if you want to use a single room

Check and Inform us if you need Gear or have any special demands

Proceed to check out, you will be asked to deposit a 10% by PayPal or wire to secure your booking

And finally let us know about your flight schedule, basic plan is that pickup will be from the airport of Thessaloniki at 21.00 so be there before or let us know if you can't so we organise something.

B. Fly to thessaloníki on IN date,

Event includes 4 nights at the hotel and 3 riding days so the first day is free. For this event in September you have to be in SKG on the 26th September before 21.00 to be picked up by our van.

C. Wake up on the 25th to go riding

Van will take you from the Hotel to our HQ, so you get geared up and start riding.

D. Van will take you back to Thessaloniki SKG 

In the morning of September 29th, van will take all riders to SKG Thessaloniki according to the first flight time from the group. So if a rider flies back at 8.00am we will start the trip at 5.00am. Others will curse so make your flight hours reasonable please.

The results of the first 3 single booking events we already did so far were exceptional. Riders had good chemistry and the days flew by in riding pleasure, laughs and cheering.

At dinners, riders exchanged cultural data, such as cursing in local language, riding experiences from home and other usual stuff under the sent of Greek beer and food.

Bottom line? 

If you are riding alone and want to join us, a single riding event from our calendar is the right event for you to join.

Have more questions? I am here to answer, so for more details.

See you soon...


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