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Greece Blue Sky Sea Mountains

How can I describe beauty in words? Sometimes, I witness the most breathtaking images in our rides and I am searching of the right words to describe them. Most of the case can't find any, trust me I am not poor in words, its the magnificence of the image that rises the standards.

Sometimes, I witness the most 
breathtaking images in our rides

Our city Kavala, is an area of great history and tradition. The majority of the areas we ride, is used from the local populations some thousands years ago. We ride after all in the same territory where prehistoric habitants decided to occupy due to the territorial benefits, weather and geopolitical conditions since the Neolithic ages.

Typical Arc Shape Bridge
Sights like the picture below is typical, plenty and often in our rides. Built decades or centuries ago, these bridges are made to last the weight of tons on them. They supported the transportation of armies, horses, canons, animals, refugees of war, immigrants  and so many others according to the historical data of the area than standing next to them makes you feel insignificant. 

Always respect locals

A herd of sheep and a shepherd is also a common and often sight. Growing a herd of sheep was a major occupation and still is in the villages around. Lately, with the increased demand on organic and local products, in combination with the economic crisis in the EU people turn to this profession more and more each year. 

The Monastery of "Prasinada"
White churches with blue round roofs and bell tops. Every city has tens in it, but the most beautiful and meaningful can be found on the mountains. If you pay a close look at the image above, you will see that there is a construction at the edge of a rock, but the real monastery lies right below the trees and the rocky hill next to the church. An amazing construction in the middle of nowhere, where your mind can use the quietness to seek and meditate. If you believe in God, well, this is the place to communicate with the Boss. 

If you believe in God, well, 
this is the place to communicate 
with the Boss.

The heights of the mountain in our area lies from 600m to 1990m with an average of a 1000m in various peaks. Lekani mountains, Pangeo mountains, Symvolo mountains and so many others around the city, turns the area to an enduro paradise with all sorts of terrain for every rider, entry level riding to extreme enduro guys will be left absolutely satisfied by the length of the trails and the difficulty or the ease depending on the levels wanted. 

Self made bridge on destroyed trail
Water is everywhere around. Streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls big or small will occupy your pictures. We stop in every chance to enjoy water during spring, fall and summer but we strongly avoid getting wet the winter months due to its temperature and the fact that no one wants to ride with wet boots on a chilly afternoon. 

Our dear friend Con in love with the river
Our dear friend Sandro drinking from the spring
The weather is nice. Lately we are witnessing changes that our elders call them natural phenomena. Winters are short but colder, summer is also short and cooler and spring and autumn longer and naturally warm in reasonable levels. Snow is often but not for long, enough for having some fun snow rides.

Snow rides
Wildlife is plenty around our rides. Domestic animals, dogs and cats make their presence often while wild animals like hogs, hawks, horses, foxes, rabbits, deers, bears and wolfs will constantly leave their marks or rarely be visible during riding. 

Bears and wolfs will constantly 
leave their marks or rarely 
be visible during riding. 

A baby rabbit

Nope we did not eat it, just pet it and let it go

We respect nature as we respect our mother. It is hard to understand our relationship with the life around us on these mountains. We are the strangers there, so we make sure we leave no mark, no damage and hassle. We also ask our riders to show the same respect, otherwise the images we admire, soon there be no longer available. 

It is hard to understand our 
relationship with the life 
around us on these mountains 

So with a total respect in nature, co ordinated with the wishes of our riders, we designed and planned routes that will cover all tastes in riding, sightseeing, experiences, tastes and everything else that an enduro rider seeks in his journeys.

This is North Star, this is enduro on the Greek mountains. 

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