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Enduro Training App, yes we are making it.

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Evi is the model performing all exercises  

Within the next few days, you will be able to purchase online an app, that will guide you in detail through a group of exercises designed to improve your riding skills. 

First of all, enduro is an extreme sport and If you want to perform in this, you need to support your rides with extra body training. And this is actually the purpose of our app. To prepare your muscles and make them flexible so they perform in this demanding sport.  So again riding enduro is really an extreme sport, Of course you can take it easy and do only flat roads and ride in safe terrain but if you keep up riding you will soon end up in steep uphills, trails and rocky river beds and that's a promise. Isn't this an awesome way to stay fit and healthy? The training you will receive during your rides is an excellent way to keep you body in a good shape. But what other benefits you get when you devote your weekends on those two wonderful wheels?

Our application is here to help you additionally by preparing your body before your rides, make it strong and flexible in ways you will need in enduro riding, training your muscles in positions and angles needed to achieve better results with longer lasting strength and flexibility.

1. Go out: People of all ages can get up and get off their couches and go outside. Nature elements such as sunshine, rain, fresh air, images of nature  provides nutrients that help your body function at an optimal level and helps relieve stress

2. Burn Calories: Using your core, legs and arm muscles every single second trying to balance the motorcycle on rocks, jumps, turns, uphills and downhills,  demands great energy consumption and lots of muscle burns. Taking a wild guess we would say you can easily burn 900-1200 on an average ride keeping a heart rate average of 130 bpm.

3. Increased Heart rate: Riding an enduro bike is similar to jogging or bicycling. You can easily keep a pace of 130 bpm and rise to 180 bpm when you hit and obstacle, or called to ride a steep uphill. Your heart will pump blood harder during most of your ride, flooding those fatigued muscles continuously. 

4. Increased Focus: Most of the times during your rides you need to be constantly watching your surrounding environment for dangers, alternative routes, tracks you have to choose and difficulty level so you prepare mentally. Your brain is active all the time making thousands of calculations on physics concerning your ride and thoughts on making it happen. 

5. Increased strength: After a couple of rides, you will feel your body stiff and your muscles growing stronger on parts of your body you would never believe you could exercise. Lifting your bike from the ground will soon give the feeling you have an iron back, while trying to stick on the steering bar all the time is similar to making push ups all day. Your legs will work out 100% during riding, using all their muscles. Your chest is going to take all the power of the obstacles your motorcycle hits and defend your body against them. Total body workout. 

6. Balance: You will need to balance and improve your skills at it. Using mostly your leg muscles when you ride and all your body trying to stay on the bike, varies muscles will be tighter improving your balance skills. 

The amount of continuous time spent on your dirt bike will help improve your cardiovascular health by improving your endurance.
7. Endurance: You improve your cardiovascular health by riding and so you get better endurance. The more you ride, the more you achieve better results in these. Let's say you ride for an hour, you use your arms, legs, chest and back continuously all that time, improving also your cardiovascular performance. The combination is a  unique form of exercise that makes your body able to perform under the most weird circumstances. 

8. Ride for an hour, its like attending the gym for an hour: You may thing its easy but, to pick up a bike from the ground, is actualy a variation of barbel deadlifts, and you can't cheat on the kgs. During the ride, you may do a thousand sit ups, and pulling or pushing the steering bar, some hundred of reps of bench presses or seated rows. You will need to push the bike uphill, you will need to stretch and 

9. You will be fir and healthy, again, it's not an easy sport and most of people don't realise the amount of muscle energy needed to complete a ride. Using your core muscles, your legs and arms, your chest and back in every ride will only bring healthy benefits. 

10. Improved posture: You need to create a perfect posture on the bike to perform and this will be achieved only by riding and trying to improve your riding style and techniques. When you achieve this, then you will use it in the gym, bicycling and other activities improving your performance also. 

And here is a sneak peek:

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