Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Honda Dominator Dirt Tracker Vol 2

Next Step, Exhaust system and pipe. Face it, the first thing you notice on a custom bike is the exhaust system. The most hard part of all the procedure is to build a hand made pipe and fit a proper silencer. I was lucky enough to know the guy who can build the perfect pipe, (we call it neck). He needed the bike to measure and install, so we took it to his place and left it there with a picture of the original. To prove I am wrong about my opinion on garage guys I don't know well, this guy proved his value as much as it can possibly be proven. I wanted the pipe to start in front of the engine and continue below and leaning to the right, exiting right behind the engine taking it over on the right some how. He figured this out and did it immediately.


The most hard part of all 
the procedure is to build 
a hand made pipe and 
fit a proper silencer

You have to use the best quality materials when it comes to the hand made exhaust system since, this is not the time or the place to go cheap. If the results is proper you are going to use this forever on the bike changing only silencers in case you need to. 

My silencer is a Tiga cone. Makes a lot of sound, and had to adjust the carburettor on it since it is completely free and illegal. Soon its going to be changed with a legal one though. 

You have to use the 
best quality materials 
when it comes to the hand 
made exhaust system since, 
this is not the time or the 
place to go cheap

The bike, with the pipes and the silencer on, immediately took a form of a wonderful motorcycle built in progress. 

While I was waiting for the pipes to be produced, I had already sent the seat of the bike to a another good friend to make a light, simple, shallow, dark grey, vinyl leather, waterproof, new seat out of the old one. He used the base, made mods, changed the foam, used lots of silicone and glue and he delivered what you see on the bike in the following picture.

My only demand of the seat making was, when placed in its position to be aligned with the tank not leaving a gap, also, to follow the angle at the beginning of the tank so it makes a perfect picture when you see it. 

Having everything ready, you start the assembly. Issues to face, electric goodies. All the electric stuff of the bike was placed in areas that now don't exist. In this design the only room to squeeze whats needed is below the seat and the tank. Below the tank the space is extremely limited so you are left with some room below the seat actually. This problem is less significant to restored motorcycles that don't have an electrical starter, a fact that means less electrical units to settle on the bike. This one though had everything, turn signals, high, low beam, battery charger, regulator etc. 

Once you put the engine on, the carburettor is next, then exhaust, tank, electric stuff, seat and you start adjustments, connect cables, fuel lines, air filter which has to be an open K&N cone, steering bar, brake lines, chain and all the bike from the scratch in general. 

With my hand on my heart, I can tell you this: There are no words to describe the feeling when you hear the engine start after all this work. The transformation from a normal bike, to a super fine tuned custom. The sound, the smell of new, the paint, the shinny metal and the total image is pinned in your heart forever. This one is yours and your only.

Have questions?
Feel free to ask me here (Thanasis) or mail at husamaniac@gmail.com

I have to thank the company 4h10 for if they haven't shared their Dirty Sandy Project i would not have had the bug to make my own.

Also a Big thank to Labros Papathanasiou for this excellent work.

Next Job ? Suzuki DR 650 to Dirt Tracker ...

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